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try lah.you all drops no dare buy, see up chase high only. then wait for big player wash out
4 hours · translate
time for weak holders sell at 0.47. Big players waiting. i wait at 0.43-0.44
8 hours · translate
i cant run always at such low price....
8 hours · translate
hahahahahaha.wait weak holders dump first only up.come onsee the volume. big players no dump at all.only ikan bilis that no holding powers dump.i call hold and buy. stilll waiting ikan bilis tickets at 0.44-0.43. I want to averaging my holding that i bought 0.46-0.48. Sell sell to me.....
8 hours · translate
poor market affect whole bursa performance.
Yesterday · translate
hahaha.i still wait weak holders sell to me at 0.43-0.44....i buy more if drops.
Yesterday · translate
wait market turn green it will fly.
4 days · translate
why worried.i tak call sell pun. wash out weak holders first. my averaging price 0.472 now after bought some 0.48 just now
4 days · translate
by then guh will produce electri vehicle pcbs (good prospect)
4 days · translate
reliable sources: EV project (50millons will kick on soon) maintain target 90 cent by 2023
4 days · translate
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