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5 months · translate
dont buy the warrant ya.

MM trying to push mother share and dispose warrant. Look at the warrant moving up without any volume. when it reach 110-150. he will trade high volume

after he dispose (he wish) warrant, he will bring mother share back down to do private placement and take cheap share

If its me. i will sell the warrant and mother share now. let MM hold everything

thank me later

dear MM. u know who I am. Come. i got a lot of share. buy from me la. i will continue to play with u
5 months · translate
Remember vote AGAINTS them ya

EGM AGM for private placement - vote AGAINTS

Scandalous people

they wan cheap share after selling

now also they are selling warrant.

sure will issue new warrant after private placement

I dont think owner / operator/ tan chun hua got enough share now, or even the alex teh tarik got enough share. vote againts !!!!!

unless u come and buy from me ok pundek
5 months · translate
management like shit

i wanna vote them out next AGM/EGM
7 months · translate
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