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Derivative Action taken against all the directors of Revenue Harvest Sdn Bhd, the main subsidiary of Revenue Group Berhad, especially Eddie by the sacked Brian and Dino.

More infightings are on the way which spell troubles ahead for Revenue
4 weeks · translate
A stupid Widuri Capital wrote in to PKNK to try to buy controlling stake in BDB and was told to go fly kite
4 weeks · translate
Fake accounting again. Purported big profit but share price dipped
4 weeks · translate
As long as Che Had Dali is the Chairman of BDB, the company is doomed
1 month · translate
Fundamentally a good company, only headed by the berlagak Executive Chairman flanked by his academically qualified lecturer-friends who are not business savvy. What a waste
5 months · translate
Gentlemen, start your engine
8 months · translate
It is Wuchang that sells all the PP shares. He said this bloody Mbl counter no followers one. Main sendiri punya counter
9 months · translate
Leslie Teo, the CFO that resigned, knows so much dirty things inside Mbl like how they gave Indonesian buyers kickback etc
9 months · translate
General offer by Jardine set at $2.70. Announcing soon
9 months · translate
Happy to hold CCB as a private and unlisted public company, with Jardine empire as my partner. How else can you be a partner to Jardine?
9 months · translate
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