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The Quarterly Report June 2023 is good. This company is starting to make profit. The price now is also attractive. I am getting ready to NAIK BUS.
1 day · translate
Another Goreng share. Debt so high.
2 months · translate
Wait till it goes below 1.30, then collect.
3 months · translate
I already RUN with a small profit. Enough to buy nice food in Ramadan Market.
5 months · translate
Must be careful. I plan to run with small profit.
5 months · translate
hahaha think positive. I am at Level 245.
6 months · translate
Finally, can see the light,
6 months · translate
Sersol has dropped below the support line, can be a long slider, be careful folks.
7 months · translate
PM said NO GST. I wonder, why MYEG still going up today?
7 months · translate
What happen?
7 months · translate
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