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Net outflow of 32M on Friday, pre-market closing big volume throw to 1.02, expecting a pull back early next week. Just my 2 cents.
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Fasten your seat belt, turbulence coming.....
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会玩的,跟庄出货了,不会玩的卡住了,被洗了, gg了.
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laugh die me, many got stuck, not wash out. lmao
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????what are talking about??
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MRCB 在26/1 有天量, 隔天长长的上影线,是主力出货的现象。加上高铁无望在2024实行。目前走势已经出现头头低,底底低, 典型的反转讯号。52-53是周线20EMA。天量需时间消化,我相信会到。
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Before RHB, I said I do.
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UEMS exibit a clear Higher High in it's weekly candle stick pattern but Lower High in it's weekly MACD, thus we have a bearish divergence, a pull back is imminent.
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LH LL confirmed.
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