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Why would you guys want to become trash bins for crooks to dump their toilet paper?
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Distribution now
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When it breaks 35, will move up exponentially
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We must wait for DNex to go up. And that people must realise it's only a paper loss on the fair value adjustment of DNex shares from 90 sen to 70 sen in end June. If by end Sept, DNex is able to go to RM1, its fair value gain of 30 sen on Dnex would be reflected in the next QR results for Censof. Dnex had just got a US400 million contract from Chipone China, wait for Foxconn orders to come in. I don't see why DNex would not go to RM1 soon.
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Does Censof also own the CentralHR software? Would anybody know?
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A lot of collection by bankers for many days already
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Why promote Pelikan here? Please go back to the Pelikan platform.
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Good job Ivan, thanks for sharing
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YC Choy, your a star
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I tried to paste the link here, can some IT savvy guy please help?
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