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Hi, look like HSI going 19500 next week. HKS sold out. Its possible drop back below 19000?
3 months · translate
Revenue 0? How come company no sales for past 3 months?
6 months · translate
Thunder Cat, when you help make profit, its hard to say thanks and once getting loss put blame on you. If you stop comments, many will go wrong direction. Its possible create group for your followers on telgram or what'sap?
6 months · translate
Banyak ikan bilis beli masa harga murah, bila harga dah naik jerung jual sampai kering. Ikan bilis kena goreng sampai hangus
7 months · translate
Tomorrow will another big drop
7 months · translate
its possible tomorrow go to 100?
7 months · translate
Tomorrow HK will up or down?
7 months · translate
Hi today drop to 0.310, time to buy CJG?
7 months · translate
Not moving? Any hope?
8 months · translate
Can reach 0.11?
8 months · translate
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