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Now still expensive as it is just adjusted price after the 25 sen dividend. Previous low prior to the dividend was RM 5.45. So, by right it should go down further to about RM 5.25 then only can buy.
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As at 730am, my Dxn shares are in my portfolio already. Wishing all of us huat ahh! Heng ahh! Ong ahh!!
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@John, I really hope Bursa won't detect your error. But usually, they will. Just wait after 8am to see if your allotted shares will be reflected into your portfolio or not.

If not reflected, means your shares have been forfeited.
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@John nominee cannot apply for IPO. So your shares will be forfeited and money refunded. Your shares will be alloted to other people with pending status.
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If by tomorow 850am your shares have not appeared in your portfolio, Pls contact MIH.
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Your shares will only appear in your portfolio after 8am tomorow.
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Which investment bank have this TP?
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You may check your trading account by 8am on the listing date. If it is not present pls call MIH or TIIH to ask them to sell all your shares offline.
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Happy happy dapat 12k shares from maybank.
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RHB user any news here?
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