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Very tough game by yewlee
4 days · translate
Dont panic, learn how market will react,ex hsseb, last year im follow that counter , price was 50cent, then down to 30c, that make panic to traders, now u see, where that stocks now..
Juz matter of time, keep to ur trading plan..
5 days · translate
Will see the game begin
6 days · translate
Court case?
1 week · translate
Bb squeeze, smoga ade rezeki bullish pennant utk shbt2 trader semua
2 weeks · translate
Pennant Formation
2 weeks · translate
Not all stock depends on Qr, FA must with TA also.. if FA only, its depends on ur luck..
3 weeks · translate
If me, i will wait, technically overall so good, why???pending BO strong R 0.380/385..
N masih belum downtrend..but, market klci now, see momey take money jela lagi selamat,anything can happen
3 weeks · translate
Momentum dh slow down, bnyak sgt trun..
3 weeks · translate
First tp juz closed gap..
But if can maintain 40cent, maybe this counter will make new HH than previous high, i meants ATH..
1 month · translate
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