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after pn17 will rise thats sure. but now haven even get approval from bursa for regularisation plan yet...even after approval need at least 2 more qr profit then, still way to go
10 hours · translate
guess im wrong this time . nvm, continue queuing..
2 days · translate
im not geng, just been here for some time...this stock pattern is like that most of the time

but i do missed out sometimes...
2 days · translate
sabar la...will drop...probably friday or next Monday..maybe
3 days · translate
tmr or thrusday wait for price drop..
4 days · translate
dia up, dia down, bila u dah penat dan boring...dia fly up to the sky..
4 days · translate
。Relax...this stock dropped just buy more to avrg down...
1 week · translate
asyik up je?
1 week · translate
regularisation plan still pending leh...
2 months · translate
back to .26 might b possible if this remain...tats how this stock behave..
2 months · translate
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