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today's only first 30 mins active, 15 mins up then followed 15mins down....then range whole day, case close
50 minutes · translate
itu common target and hope for everyone here.......everyday
1 hour · translate
me too, hold nothing, jual call and put semua liao
1 hour · translate
whatever you kept will be risk, to be risk free, keep nothing, good idea Thye
1 hour · translate
REVENUE 上了,哈哈。。。。。
4 hours · translate
follow rock la, wait 20k
8 hours · translate
can la jual without kfc but kalah duit water fee
Yesterday · translate
when fly time cepat jual lor....this week considered risky week ....
Yesterday · translate
jatuh balik before 2.30....alamak
Yesterday · translate
hsi today moving range, no big movement i think, will continue till end week possibly
Yesterday · translate
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