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tomorrow will be a good day!
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klau kita ikut monthly chart mcm nk buat cup and handle pattern..
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still ikut trendline tk jatuh pun dari ema 21 itu yg masih hold.. boleh pergi jauh lagi , klau nk masuk try lukis triangle once cnfmbreak baru masuk.. **cadangan sahaja**risiko sendiri**
3 weeks · translate
market tgh correction 1,2 minggu ni ramai retail yg takut dn lari .. strong fundamental company with AI boleh pergi jauh lagi.. kena bersabar dari sikit mental..hehe
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relax dlu brother.. esok quarter..
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r Group achieved a production milestone, yielding over 260
kilograms of gold. Out of this production volume, we strategically sold 199.43 kilograms of gold during the
1H2024 period. The decision to retain the remaining balance as inventory was guided by comprehensive
administrative considerations and carefully integrated into our strategic operational planning
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no trap bro.. quarter will be out soon..
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i thnk once supreme won the acquisition of sri lankan airline, fly for sure..
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NMR Disposal from
approximately RM22.50 million to approximately RM23.31 million. This will be allocated for the
repayment to scheme creditors
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