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Can look into its doorframe vendor also, Econframe Berhad. Both mother share and warrants have positive momentum recently
3 days · translate
Generally warrants have a premium of 10% in 1 year but this EFRAME-WA only 6 to 7% currently. So, there are trading opportunities
3 days · translate
Demand for sugar will continue to increase during Raya period ; )
3 days · translate
This is good news for Eframe as demand for doorframe will continue to soar
1 month · translate
After the founder had passed away, it will be difficult for PBB to regain its past glory... Give the current management another 5 years to see what the company will look like
1 month · translate
By the way, I had been meaning to ask you, coonec henry, do you have any links to show that MSM will be main supplier for US and Europe market? : )
1 month · translate
Buying volume is flowing in. So, just a matter of time for PTRB to breach 50 cents
1 month · translate
Good chance to chip in when it undergoes price correction due to warrant conversion
1 month · translate
Then PBB will generate less than Rm1.7 billion of PAT in Q4?
1 month · translate
This company will announce stellar q3 results then
2 months · translate
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