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Actually which 6 hypermarket? All giant?
3 weeks · translate
Iphone using chrome safari opera firefox cannot scroll the mv website down and up... Raised this issue to management but they ask me to clear cache only.
1 month · translate
Anyone knows how MV management decide the brand setup to MV or gardens... Recently thr is 2nd store Beutea open at outdoor maybank... Which is duplicate d. I tot there are many other brand in waiting list?
1 month · translate
DRP 后股价应该不会在 5.6 吧因为也会因为股数多而跌价,和拿bonus issue 一样概念吧?
2 months · translate
U forgot those under agent one...
3 months · translate
73 和 7.3 差的不是那一点好不好 = =
2 years · translate
lol... within a minute...
4 years · translate
laugh die me, digi din even has IBC at langkawi airport, all depends on outdoor sites
4 years · translate
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