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wishing everyone happy money moments in KLSE

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可以等惊喜 :ppp
1 day · translate
you sure about that? :ppp wait for some surprise :ppp
2 days · translate
its ok can buy more and hold till the banker bleeds :ppp
4 days · translate
this is why every boss should be careful who they hire :ppp no skill people always waste time :ppp
4 days · translate
share price will follow.... just that some people play too much time later opportunity gone only want to start push :ppp
4 days · translate
sorry i see you but i dont have interest in you cause too low class for me :pp
6 days · translate
huhuhu someone buying big bulk :ppp
6 days · translate
ok no more cheap price :pppp
6 days · translate
those queue at 0.105 so lucky :ppp
6 days · translate
no need to speculate... even newbie also know the quarter is going to be good.... which leads to shoot up the moon share price in less than a month :ppp
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