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this counter is like 'no head snake', no direction, no actual leader, and dono what to do, so also dono what the price should be.
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I think this counter still not trap ppl yet, as the volume not hike yet. So still hv chance to up further until volume hike. Now they trap ppl at another counter top volume there.
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very simple, lure ppl to buy or que 0.015, 0.02 is the syndicate who que big quantity some time ago, so don't think u want to buy 0.015 then selling 0.02. Then no long later big one will sell all 0.015 and even sell off 0.01, so who buy 0.015 end up have to sell 0.01 or 0.005.
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i think less outside investors to subscribe the right issue. But if internal or big shareholder subscribe the excess right, until 100% subscription, then this share will raise after the new share out. Otherwise, if this share right issue far below subscription, then this counter is gone, must throw whatever the price. So let's see the % of subscription report then. Good luck.
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last time they abandoned 0034 to push 0041, now they abandoned 0041 to rescue 0034.
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