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Sad candle, next week rebound & can go back up
6 days · translate
0.16 then 0.18, final stop 0.20 ??
6 days · translate
Orderbook are full now with so many construction project ongoing recently. EFRAME are going up side by side with construction soon
6 days · translate
The upcoming Cybersecurity Bill 2024 and rising demand for AI solutions shows significant growth opportunities to the company. I expect another 40% upside potential. which is around 0.60 TP
1 week · translate
Next monday rebound for sure! Enter at 0.69
3 weeks · translate
Data centre contract next?
3 weeks · translate
Cyber security announcements to support AI framework are coming... Systech definitely having a slice of cookie too
3 weeks · translate
Thanks for sharing, so far AI infrastructure in Malaysia are in early stages... personally will look out more on LGMS & SYSTECH
3 weeks · translate
Yep, lucky pick up 0.38 this week
1 month · translate
Push down before dividend? If rumor is true then ez shoot back up
1 month · translate
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