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Duk atas condo 0.12 2tahun dah, x lari langsung
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I believe, once their tickets its >75%/80% they will start to push price up and fully control Minda share price, within 3-6 months movement soon, 0.095 its a very big support with whales inside
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Yes i received the letter too, reject the offer, SMRT buy 100% SMRE and SMRE which control MINDA 42% share thats why SMRT Proposed to share buy back to increased their tickets in house
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NCT Gogogo
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Small Cap Index today drop kaw2, operator can collecting cheaper tickets when market sentiments is bad, today might drop until 130 and rebound to 155 area to form double bottom if the operator is jaga counter
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对的,一直撑着support 线没量,这样子做不了追风盘,假期后高开也无缘了的
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VCP C3 Formed Support and Buy Volume Getting Stronger, Seatbelts light on, ready to go
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要放假了,刚才我看到这里很多都等3.30pm 不起就丢了,估计是不要握票隔夜
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