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Shun En
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will back to 0.21?
chong desmond
how's of non disclosure only for short period like picorp
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trade cautiously. back to back corporate events filled with "happens so" that are showing signs of mgmt's desperation :) (1) disposal of two parcel lands to a company newly incorporated in Feb 2023 and the major shareholder of the company happens so to be a top30 shareholders of Sendai too. (2) Served with winding up petition and happens so to be a miscommunication error. (3) Billions dollar projects with no details of individual project value happens so to be due to NDA and procedural delay of newly incorporated subsidiary. These projects happens so to be estimated to complete in 2027/2028 and announced in Malaysia only.
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San A
Wait at 0.24/0.25
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won't die so soon unless given winding up petition or mugc/PN17 first. group properties' values is approx 1/3 of the total debt.
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