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Kelvin Tan
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added more position at 2.55 (no sellers hence this should be the bottom)
Kelvin Tan
it's good. a falling stock with no volume marks the bottom
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Hengting Ching
i was thinking better revenue due to supplement sales. Apparently not.
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Who is cold ey3
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Cheong C
The Board of Directors of Mestron wishes to inform that the redistribution, marketing and selling of the Vaccines by Mestron in Malaysia is subjected to the approval of NPRA. Upon obtaining the necessary technical data on the Vaccines, Mestron expects to make an application to NPRA by 1st half of 2021 to procure for such approv
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Super Quinn
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queue 3.19 le....dunno can get tao ma... yesterday queue 3.18 didn't get
Vincent Tey
When the tide goes away only u see the true value of the company. They are quite aggressive in local advertising. Fundamentally good company.
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Super Quinn
Kotra grwoth rate is insane for these years, definately worth higher PE, but sales figure is slightly dropping... im waiting coming qr.... dont miss this counter...
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Hk Ngui
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This company is not provide antibiotic medicine, they provide cough medicine, why a lot investor fry this stock?
ching wei kok
Where got a lot of investor? So less about the trade
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Fundamental is better than others
Austin ley
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Yaya, no problem to 4.5, later will fly to 7
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Let’s TV
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life styles
这公司, 没问题的。。。
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Gan Meng Chong
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Michelle Yong
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yee von
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Michelle Yong
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Ng Kim
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Miss the boat. Good management company
Ng Jian Pin
because not as good as outsiders think...
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Leave because good management... ?????
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Vante Chan
绝对可以再上 qoq yoy up
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Erik Ooi
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Avoid this counter as the volume is extremely low and suggest the family just delist and tapao home.
Very poor growth
Ahmad Rozian Othman
So wrong , hahaha
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