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The more you called him LS, the higher the share price up! Haha!
5 days · translate
Top management can decide when to turn gold becomes lapsap, n vice versa!
6 days · translate
Just couldn't believe such a long existed Plantation company can perform such a lousy results for so many years! I really suspect the qualifications of all their BOD n senior management team!
1 week · translate
To the board of directors, if you cannot manage this company, please step down and go away! Jangan ambil gaji buta!
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What the x are you the board of directors doing for the past ten years? The company has been continuasly in Red for soooo many years! Your ancestors will be shamed of you too! MACC n SC should look into this company ! Smelly n fishy!
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Laos able to pay in time?
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may ask how long their credit term to Loas Electricity Board, three months or six months?
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