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Akmal Yaziz
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Latest QR will out, Expected the result much more better. Be prepared.
Ck Lim
good luck everyone。。。ggg
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Akmal Yaziz
Mesti QR bagus ni.. lain macam, atau any good news?
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Ck Lim
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Ang Tunehoe
Up up 80 above
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Din Ooi
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Anyone knows when QR will be out..?
Brandon Wen
maybe 23-27
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Bravo CM
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fei fun
limit up coming? haha
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Ck Lim
otw dont worry hhhh
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Mohd Helmee
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dia temenung sampai petang..
Hong Chew Eu
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Over the past 6 months gold prices have gone up by 18%. How have the Bursa gold related companies performed?

The top chart shows the share price gain for the 4 Bursa companies with gold-related businesses. The bottom chart shows that maybe there is still some potential for gold price to go higher.

You can see that except for Niche Capital Emas, the other 3 have outperformed gold and the KLCI. What does this mean for the investor?

• You can of course interpret that Niche Capital Emas and Poh Kong share price has yet to catch up.

• You can also conclude that when gold price goes up, the share price of these companies go up much higher.

For more insights go to Are there Bursa proxies for gold?
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Dzarif Izzat (Rif_Izzat77)
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start to see some progress here
60cen gogo
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see Weicheng
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Heard listed to main market soon
Ang Tunehoe
Give dividend first better
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when give dividend
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Weng Kong Wong
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bahwest pulled back.... good chance to accumulate... dividend should be coming soon...
Ah Di
How much is the value of gold reserve nett of extraction? 700m/1b or higher ?
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Lim Kok Wing
upcoming profit should be quite decent as gold surge.
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MFF 85
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closed the gap first..