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Naik 1/2 sen turun pon 1/2 sen... Bila mau Jalan dah
Joo Ching Wong
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Another trick to get in investors then announce consolidation exercise -like 50 shares to consolidate to 1 painting a bright n colourful future! Let’s see when they go bankrupt of tricks n convincing ideas.
Weida Ng
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Chow Wei
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XOX / 先来 0.500 / 再来 1.000
Arman Hashim
New project .. Digital Media Management App …
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Wong Si Fu
Good! Support!
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Tan Hong Jie
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pp coming
Tan Hong Jie
For bad is sometime company misuse the pp fund for their own benefits only and not benefit for shareholders.
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kok Peng Chin
Someone buy PP, company use the money to buy something from the same someone, PP money goes back to someone and Someone got the ticket free. You buy the ticket lower than someone bought it and you are happy. Someone happier.
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Sean King Yea
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yumgoong lor
Mj Chong
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Private Placement ~~ try to bring down the share price further more
Yuz Md
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5b issued shares.. plus incoming 500million pp.... die lah like this...
ice fong
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sleep don't Wake up
mohd ramli mohd amin
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counter mengarut suka memakan org haha......