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Enticipating at 0.3
Hafizie Jefri
coming dy, lets go!
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Koh SC
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Mcm can go lower, monitor around 0.35-0.37
Ganaraj Chandran
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Current premium of the warrant is only around 3%. Better collect it before it breaks 40 cents again
Jeff LU
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Don’t look good for this stock and his mother. Everyday Hooi selling with thin volume. Those who trade this I wan wish good luck and all da best. Don’t get trapped
Harmes Zhang
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Wow, this warrant got huge trading volume lately. Something good is brewing?
Kylie Tan
Generally warrants have a premium of 10% in 1 year but this EFRAME-WA only 6 to 7% currently. So, there are trading opportunities
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See Hui Koay
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正常来说 3 年的 warrant 肯定是 20% premium 以上... 这个被低估了
Muhd Nabil
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good warrant. negative premium. let's see how it goes.
Jamie Leong
Very interesting. Can tap in some to ride with the property wave ~~
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Marcus Chan
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final sign on closing is uptrend, maybe there are something good incoming.
Kylie Tan
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Negative premium on this warrant. That's an offer, and that's very cheap. Can chip in some to ride with the rally of its mother share
wong lim
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No more show here ..