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fazdli mohd
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Just a matter of time
Sabar sabar sabar
chunyen chunyen
boleh 0.45 ke?
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Hilary Loh heading to 0.3 floor
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Lin Kg
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Good business and high dividend yet the share price is at bottom. Risk on major portion of business is depend on Perodua!
Killme Camper
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Produa EV look promising...betamek will have benefit from this as electronic producer.
Peng Zhong Wong
geely said local parts maufacturer 30% higher cost
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chunyen chunyen
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0.7 gogo
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new technology collaboration with China company
Baby Panda studio
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tp 1.25 kihkih
Carbon Unit
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Sudah start jatuh lagi..!!!
Cubi NoMi
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Oh oh.... profit dropped so much!
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電動車Myvi 加把勁吧!!!
elly halim
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bullish pattern on the chart