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Steven Gan
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Nice QR!!!!!Monday Limit Up!!!!!
Steven Gan
mari liao!!!Besok to da moooooon!!!
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Hong Chew Eu
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According to Professor Novy-Marx, the gross profitability (gross profit/total asset) is a return metric that has the same power as price to book value in prediction cross section returns of a stock.

When I compared Bursa Malaysia plantation company, United Malacca gross profitability with that of the sector median, you can see that it clearly underperformed.

This underperformance is not so clear cut when you look at ROE.

Moral of the story? Return is one key measure of profitability and I normally look at several return metrics – ROE, ROA, Gross Profitability, NOPAT/Capital to get a better picture.
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Dota Is Icefrog
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Jeslyn Chin
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Bryan Ng
都没炒家 这个股 老人股
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ba tan
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Palm oil price steady above RM4k. When are u going to be awake. Have been waiting for you since october 2020......
Try wait until 2025 said leng yan..haha
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Jeslyn Chin
Almost stand above 5k, next going to touch 5300, 6000 not a dream
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wtX so qient…………………..