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All Comments on GKENT Reload

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Koay Chialoon
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JM Eng
Tan Alvin 母公司是哪一家?
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Tan Alvin
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Spartan Hero
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Lol. Back to baseline. Betul betul goreng
Gary Teh
Pisang emas
Like · 13 hours · translate
Nelsontan Chun
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hit RM 1 very soon
Nelsontan Chun
gogo yip, maybe got average down
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Anthony Tony80212
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Michael Lai
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no sweat, my cost RM1.35
Mohd suzaimi
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jngan kejar pasaran bahaya . takot sangkot ...kaji dulu trend sebelum beli
Mohd suzaimi
create your trading plan for trade
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C Lucas
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Time to fly
Anthony Tony80212
fake fly..... sabo bro...... we wait n c betul betul dulu.... jgn masuk perangkap
Like · 20 hours · translate
Anthony Tony80212
shark is on the floor.....r u brave enough to enter now .....hahaha
Like · 19 hours · translate
Yunusasri Morshidi
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fly again todayy.. haha
Lau Mouse
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What had happen until price rises so much?
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What story increase because of GE15?
Jack HengHeng Tranport
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share buy back
Hitori Hitori
Going to fly?????
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