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它不是虎头。正确来说是个龟头。看它又删帖了 lol XD good luck
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reset. actually can calculate a company intrinsic value. if lazy/dont know how to calculate. there are so many sources on website for this calculation. but maybank water fishes don't believe this lol good luck.
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哪里有什么雷曼? 叫你平时不要刷那么多王雷视频啦. lol 应该多看多读财报还有时事. 给你个tips. maybank intrinsic value 才rm6 + 罢了上升有限. 反而affin 有更大上升空间. Good luck
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don't know how to explain it to you lol. my friend is hoD of sales dept in affin. anyway, wht i can tell is if affin collapse, this would be lehman bros 2.0. all banks in malaysia cannot run away. Good luck.
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赚钱的公司又是银行。妳怕他不会起啊 XD good luck
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你想在affin开account affin 都不做你生意。
因为他们有更大的客户撑腰。所以这是为什么bank Islam Bank pertanian bank rakyat 都一直赚钱 。good luck
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still can drop further, if see from technical analysis. Good luck
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coming soon. Good luck
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not good luck then bad luck meh? Good luck
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