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All Comments on GENM Reload

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ss tan
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Warren Time
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Pck Kaboo
哈哈哈 一个业绩炸弹 margin仔被炸飞
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Lawrence Bosco
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Yi Heng
去云顶拼输赢比较快 要报仇的话 哈哈
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SN Steven Ng
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Jack Jie
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Dividend coming soon... and with good QR will fly
Jack Jie
If you look for pass report ,always QR out and announce dividend by last week of August, so is next week anyday
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Yutaka Tong
look at longvterm 6 months time ahead
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Kenny Chin
Topic: Correlation Between various Assets Classes

DATE: 22nd August'19 Thursday.

Charts Covered for Technical Analysis:
1. Gold Analysis
2. Dow Jones 30 - US Index
3. Hang Seng Index (HSI50)
4. Straits Times Index (STI)- SGX
5. Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI) - Bursa Malaysia Exchange

1. Recent Market Fluctuations
2. Study of correlations
3. Asset class rotation
4. Global Index Chart study
5. Chart Behavior
6. How to Time the market
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Han David
rebound after confirmation.
Ban Chin Lee
I just sold mine at 3.12.
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Ck Sui
Buy before too late
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Daniel Kls
their saga never end. minority voice is not heard. dividend is not generous. what a waste
lorance lau
u read announcement carefully.
buying is only 500mil.
they r going to inject cash after buying.
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Ban Chin Lee
Lorance, 500mil is a lot of money bro
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David Lee
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Wait to buy 1.5 loh
Lii Hsia Tan Theresa
ya, pls wait ya.
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Hahahahaha slowly wait
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David Lee
Ha.. Haa! Cheap buy ya.