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Ken New
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Jpegeson JACK
what's so special?
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Jun Lee
吉隆坡11日讯)谦工业(HUMEIND,5000, 主板工业)计划发行最多5亿令吉的中期票据。



该公司指出,拟议计划所得款项将用于支付或为现有借款/融资工具或现有和未来的融资义务再融资; 投资于资本支; 商业投资和营运资金。

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Chong Lik Guo
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nobody talking this stock?
Chong Lik Guo
these few days volume quite nice. hope can sustain few more days
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CH Sam
Export cement volume increase!?!?!
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David CK
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HUMEIND has been trading above its upward sloping 20 Day Moving Average which is a good sign . Furthermore , the next resistance levels que far at 1.81.
Refer chart on telegram @LivermoreAnalytics
Kenny Wong
David CK ,this share still can keep? Better sell as soon as possible
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Kenny Wong
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Make loss again
Kelvin Lee
so far I see this company fundamental not very good for me la, high debt and need see if property getting better. Then only it has chances to go higher. but who knows when will be getting better.
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Kenny Wong
Sigh...means have to sell this share already
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Jason Wong
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Fly fly .....
Kenny Wong
Now keep on drop
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Melvin Yp
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Oh no dropping back to square one.
Kenny Wong
Time to run maybe?
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Kenny Wong
Maybe is time to sell....
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Soon Chuan Boon
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this company going to propose right issue with loan it good to keep this counter now ?
S T Leong
Seem like not a gd move to keep this stock
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Mak Yun
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another doomsday counter. Even further fund raising insufficient to fill volcano deep-pond, morning send to ICU ward! .
Lai Kevin
Doomsday* lah uncle
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Kelvin Su
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Ah BooN
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