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庄家在洗盘,hoot 9 e arh
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Destination is Mars , guys hold tight
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time will prove I'm correct
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I bought 0.59 - 0.63 what is the high floor you saying?
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Coming budget relate to green energy. Potential for Uzma benefit from Solar. Recent oil price raise also good for Uzma. Guys hoot9e when it pull back. Ready toward Moon for Uzma
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Big shark is accumulating, stay tune
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no worry for the report. The report is good probably 31 October out. when the report out. Huat arh! Now we are accumulating. Stay tune!!!
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now washing small fish out, the price stay strong above 0.4. Shark going accumulating and push it up. After EY report out, serba is going Above RM1
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