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will be a bad QR ...... can put this counter in the safe n throw the key.
3 weeks · translate
doomsday counter.
2 months · translate
this counter is more or less doom. no new activities probably waiting for takeover.
5 months · translate
harta can be more thantwo times higher than topglove. give up
11 months · translate
n now the end is near .......
1 year · translate
top counter into a bottomless pit
1 year · translate
cut loss n go into tech shares. 60 Sen go back in. don't waste time waiting. road of return is dead end now
1 year · translate
they can just let the shares price go down. what type of management is this?. a real joke, this counter. this counter can drop to below RM 1 easily.
1 year · translate
it's over. cut loss n move funds to overseas. no way for this counter to recover.
1 year · translate
wonder still plan to open factory in US?.
1 year · translate
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