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All Comments on IQGROUP Reload

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Henry Tan Chor Heng
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wow, long time didn't watch this stock, drop like hell
chooi han wing
Bad annual results..
Patrik Pat
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I jutz can tell u if u bank got 100k just all in and u will thanks me after few weeks
Sean Foo
Holy shit... How to get back the lost
Like · 6 months · translate
92 Avira
Lol, u believe a person with mobile legend icon for this?
Like · 4 months · translate
Kim Hock Goh
Omg. Bad Q results
Jerry Tan
sy yap
Hi.. testing
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sy yap
making loss for few quarters and no sign of recovery..better invest money in more reliable one
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Harapan Trader
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QR will be released at last by next week.. speculation can be done thru trading activities..no need news to create buying interest..always take care your risk..more live swing & momentum trading at https://t.me/harapantrader
Ahmad Rasyidi
All in.....
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melvin chee kong
why so sudden up rapidly these days.. any advise please