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Bonus issue
1 week · translate
It might really take years for price or production equilibrium occurred. In China, Intco and bluesail and I believe others from China glove manufacturers are having cost advantage over ours. They can sell low and still making profit. See how our Big 4 brothers performed !
2 weeks · translate
Among the top 5 glove manufacturers in Malaysia, the only still making great profit is the one listed in Singapore. 60+m profit with around 200+m turnover !
2 weeks · translate
Last Q fcf still can cover lease liabilities. But this Q fcf can’t even cover lease liabilities, need 130m loan to cover. Some more l&s borrowings all increase 500m+ & 200m+ respectively. Next Q apa akan jadi ya ?
3 weeks · translate
Felt division will do better due to more automotive production. Especially ev car needed more felt for sound insulation.
1 month · translate
应该是不要trigger 到 mandatory offer !
2 months · translate
No news means what ? PP subscribers are not allowed to withdraw ?
4 months · translate
严重被误导了,Sushi King 的估值是他未来能否产生盈利和现金流,如果疫情的时候,他们能够赚那么多钱, 疫情后竟然赚不到钱,您想他们之后未来两三年的盈利和现金流可以吗?有可能可以,可是也有可能不能!
4 months · translate
4 months · translate
Got news from underwriter, 106m shares PP subscribers are negotiating for withdrawal as well! Those 26m public shares waiting for balloting should have very high chances ! Don’t withdraw fight until the end !
4 months · translate
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