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Probably the goodwill arises from SK acquisition.
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They have pre-calculated with a complete and complex financing scheme at which they do not required anymore right issue and iculs after the last. They can extend another 10 years after 50 years if the irr in not met by then.
4 months · translate
I think this is real as they sitting with around 300+m of cash! If they are able to generate positive free cash flow it is rational to give out 200m as dividend ! They still have 100m left for m&a or capex.
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舍吧 ! 不舍也不行了 ! 4K+lots @ 1.59 亏死了!
1 year · translate
Can epf exit their position in much higher prices in tomorrow LU ?
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Adui satu lagi Tjuddin!
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1.59 进的 4k+ lot 现在已经亏了一架E了,再跌下去,就亏G L E了,还要再等吗?还是cut loss ? 怎么办 ??!!
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Inventory turnover more than 500 days!
1 year · translate
bunkering & ports operator ...
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