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Rondy Yunanda
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$ALAQAR - Pureplay Healthcare REIT; a Defensive Play Amid Market Volatility

Hi stockbitors! This Thursday, 25/3/2021 @8.30pm, we will be joined / host Mr Wan Azman, ED & CEO of AL AQAR on a fb / youtube live!

Al Aqar is a pureplay Healthcare REIT with long term master lease arrangement backed by KPJ Group - largest hospital operator in Malaysia..

Al Aqar's Portfolio value had tripled from IPO days to RM1.57b, with more growth on the horizon in the next 5 years supported by KPJ Group expansion. Al Aqar also had been dishing out consistent DPU Payout, at an average of 7.7c per annum pre Covid19...

Recovery in Hospital Activities has been encouraging, with pent up demand for medical treatments back on the cards...

With a low interest rate environment and a choppy market condition, AL AQAR can be a defensive fort in your portfolio!

This will be streamed LIVE in Stockbit FB/Youtube Channel:

Jot down your questions and discuss ALAQAR:
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Why do you think this is a good aign
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Alaqar (5116.KLSE) 3Q2020季度报告出炉,先看财务数据,对比2019年同期:


Net property income下滑6%,3Q2020为RM23.8mil,3Q2019为RM25.3mil

Realised inocme per unit下滑16%,3Q2020为1.84cent(RM)per unit,3Q2019为2.19cent(RM)per unit




Net property income上升21.42,3Q2020为RM23.8mil,2Q2020为RM19.6mil

Realised inocme per unit上升28.6%,3Q2020为1.84cent(RM)per unit,2Q2020为1.43cent(RM)per unit

对于Revenue的下滑,来自于Alaqar给予租户的Rental assist,大马产业已经逐渐恢复至疫情前水平,只是澳洲的产业仍然低迷。无论如何,大马与澳洲产业都已踏上复苏的步伐,两者都比2Q2020好。


malaysia’s property net rental income下滑5.1%,3Q2020-21.3mil,3Q2019 – RM22.4mil (2Q2020 – RM17.7mil)

Australia’s property net rental income下滑13%,3Q2020-2.5mil,3Q2019 – RM2.8mil(2Q2020 – RM1.85mil)

Australia 产业 – Jeta Gardens Aged Care Facility and Retirement Village 在2Q2020已经拖欠了RM14.2mil的租金,本季度把拖欠的租金提升至RM16.9mil。值得庆幸的是,Alaqar与租户接近达成协议,正商讨以24个月分期付款缴付拖欠租金。RM16.9mil相等于2.2cent(RM)per unit。

虽然Alaqar看似复苏的不错,可是近来公布即将通过private placement集资,计划筹集RM50mil资金,用途如下:





我们大约计算,RM50mil的private placement大约会增加39,000,000unit,降低RM30mil的债务后,预计节省RM1.5mil的年利息,若以本季度计算,完成private placement 后,Realised EPS从1.84cent(RM)per unit下滑至1.79cent(RM)per unit。虽然股息下滑了,可是Gearing ratio也随着从41%下滑至39%。

若最终那RM15.3mil也用于缴付债务的话,则Realised EPS从1.84cent(RM)per unit下滑至1.82cent(RM)per unit。

对于下季度的预测,若澳洲产业开始缴付拖欠租金,预计Alaqar的DPU大约为1.91cent(RM)per unit
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Good to buy
Not late yet , the day is still young
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Kwang Lee Ong
6% Dividend already
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Ahmad Arif Safwan Bin Abdollah
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Did alaqar just skipped 1 dividen payout? They didn't compensate later? Then overall dividen payout per year will be affected
Kelly Chin
nope, the dividend payout has been late. upcoming dividend is for the period from 1 January to 31 March 2020
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Kenheng Ang
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Maybe we have surprised of dvd...!
Kenheng Ang
DVD there you are...!
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edmond chiang
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why until now still didn't receive any Jun dividend information? Any idea? tq
im also waiting...
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Ben Teo
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what happen it drop?
Ben Teo
so meaing Alaqar brought a new property ? why will drop?
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Kelly Chin
do some homework, son...
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Guan Teik Yeoh
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Wow what happened? Everyday a new high!
Kahtuck Choe
what happen drop?
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Aaron Gan
checkout DY
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ss tan
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ss tan
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Sian Jin Low
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Im here to see the star