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All Comments on MHB Reload

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BJaya Simon
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MHB 属油气股背景最强稳的公司之一,幕后靠山是国油, MISC( 大股东),只要油气股继续燃烧,它是长期投资最佳人选。它的生意全部来自于国油。
Song Kiat Yap
Mhb 适合长期持有
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Sarfaraj Patel
Formation of shooting star candlestick signals the stock has reached resistance at 0.855. Not good to chase even RSI & Stochastic is still in early stage of recovery.WP, 65,8670,8526
Shahril Adnan
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going to get new project soon..good to buy
Hairuddin Jamak
kasawari terbang tinggi
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Janson Lee
what new project?
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NICK tey
sunnie 5796
I feel can sell ald li
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