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Ang Kok Wah
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MSM说...... 我们要政府补贴,我们要起糖价,我们要起股价。Go.... Go..... Go.....
Teow Chong Eng
I love MSM, RM 5,00等你,我要买别墅,單车变路虎,梦想成真
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Ang Kok Wah
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coonec henry
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Ada coca cola, all in
Alvin Hoo
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Haha.. Management punya problem ni.. Turn around for two years. Betul betul turn around from untung ke rugi.. Lol.. Hopeless punya counter
yang tan
GLC is like that one la. Got government back up, no fear. U see, Mas never die although keep losing. Stakeholders like directors, management, workers,...surely will not die, but minor shareholders be prepared to sell off underwear ya if thing gone bad. Hahaha. a pile of shit.
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Tatd why malaysia is going backward, [email protected]@b tongkat population is major.. Wakakakka
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Ricky Chow
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hopeless management. let's watch how low it will gonna go.
Malaysian everyday consume so many sugar they also didnt earn money, stupid management, always hope helping from government, useless tongkat people..
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Greyson Chen
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all Malaysian trader should short this Stock to 0.05.. let them overtake by others company..then only can change management ..
teikchye kee
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Let's see TP 0.56 in near terms...
Peter Chua Yeesiang
Naik kereta become 0.5
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Yenni Huang
Still waiting for that
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Ang Kok Wah
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Teow Chong Eng
up up up MSM, RM1 ,RM2
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coonec henry
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don't worry, coca cola is otw!!! all in now price low
Timmy Ng
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Revenue is not bad. The management had done their job. But if government not increase sugar price, msm will continue faced profit margin issue. From 2011 until present, sugar price only increase Rm0. 01.
do more research timmy. dont talk bullshit.
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Timmy Ng
Hello Jimmy, which part is wrong? Maybe you can share your thought?
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