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ang boon
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DSONIC 0.51 SELL (亏3%离场)
Chan WaiLoon
Tomorrow sure go up
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steve tay
tomorrow they reached ex date for dividend,if up also today up, tomorrow they come in is no more devidend
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Jack Wong
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1. I - kad
2. Vietnamese passport project
3. e - my kad
4. EMR (electronic medical report)

all above outlook seem good prospect for Dsonic , hope projects will rewarded soon.
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Jack Wong
0.5 good chance to collect low sell high
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David Chen
At least got movement, not bad not bad
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Valhalla Choo Pin
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RM1 , matter of time. no rush .
Andrew Tan
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Mau pigi mana tu.. balik 50 sen la
Andrew Tan
After 81 days, still at 50c
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Jun Meng Low
hahaha。 都是因为你叫他balik 50sen啦。
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Mohammad Hafizudin
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tak ramai lagi.. parking dulu sni
Tan Tze Hong
hi Cheng, would like to seek you explanation and view on the bonus issue exercise undertake by Comfort. They are issuing warrants instead of ordinary shares and the exercise price is fix at Rm2.30. Do you know the rationale of the management in doing that?
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Hi Tze Hong, if you can recalled back our discussion last year when you asked about Comfort. The price we discussed back then and compare with the exercise price :) hope that helps to address the exercise price perspective. As for why warrants and not bonus shares? The biggest difference between the two is the impact towards retained earnings. dividends and bonus share are taken from retained earnings while warrants does not affect retained earnings. When warrant holders convert it to mother share in future, then retained earnings will be affected when dividends are issued in the future. Hence, perhaps the mgmt wanted to maintain its retained earnings for future purposes such as working capital, capex, debt and even share buybacks. I briefly looked at the numbers in its latest annual report - approx $408M retained earnings; yet to minus 2nd interim dividend and special dividend totalled approx $21M, share buybacks $10M, committed capex for FY21 at approx $40M, approx $55M debts and Comfort’s historical yearly retained earnings before the pandemic was at high of $120M. And perhaps the peak demand/net income maybe over, hence, it’s safer to be more prudent and preserve the retained earnings for future growth. Just my opinions, could be wrong. Hope it helps.
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#Bom Pipi
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This week fly...
Elly Halim
urussetia jamaah keep topup
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Elly Halim
urusharta jamaah topup..holddd
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lin jun
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I dah parking sini hahaha.
great, shareholders keep accquire
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Allan Morpheus
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at least they got this contract. haha.. better than nothing.. tssk..
Jacky Ang
Bro any contract u mean ?
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Elly Halim
akdhdh aknddhs
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Imran Shukri
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Dsonic to 0.2 confirmed
Richard Chua
I don believe. It will straight pn 17
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Serv Ant
lol gonna buy cheap ticket?
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Darren Khor
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once border is open DS will shoot up rm1 above for sure.
Kenji Oon
Brother Darren, told you, don’t drink during trade. Stop giving fake hope.
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Mohamad Taqiyudin Ismail
Once open border, then an PRU poll happen.. Gap down and die die die
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