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David CK
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~ Price about to cross the 200 MA
~ Resistance breakout at 2.14
~ 20 & 50 Days moving average crossover.
~ Price moving in range and breakout with high volume.
DM for more analysis, Link in Bio.
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diy进贼,明天limit down..haha
哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈。 跌我就入场。。。。可惜只亏7000。。。
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哈哈,没有limit down..可惜了
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zharif zin
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Uptrend price to RM2.20.
Eric 2002
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what a lousy over price counter.hopeless for long-term dividen player. keep Esos and no wonder foreign fund run away
yutaka tong
price static due to esos
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Lim AS
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div 1.3c only very pathetic counter ! Going down all the way till below RM 1 to her rightful place.
Eason Tiong
its fair price is only 20 sen, way too overpriced now
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yutaka tong
essos haven't finished....
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mohd ramli mohd amin
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TQVM Mr DIY...dah jual untg ari ni....rm 2.02
mohd ramli mohd amin
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UP UP RM 2.15....Very good
Ismail Fakrul
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DIY sales dropping. many customer ran away to buy at Shopee or Lazada they bankrupt soon. Sell now or too late.
Mohamad Hafiz
shoppee nu yg nk bankrap.. depa punya revenue teruk.. cost operation tinggi gila... org tetap cari diy gak dan kedai seumpamanya
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Peng Zhong Wong
2co and ninso much cheaper and sometimes better quality than diy
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Living Idea
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going up to 2.13
mohd ramli mohd amin
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Down lagi Mr DIY 1.80....haha mau angkat...