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All Comments on TROP Reload

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Johnny Yong
shareholder should request for explanation on poor workmanship
Johnny Yong
poor workmanship
cheapkah lol
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is this the company that ah pek post making shit quanlity condo with expansive price ?
Andy Yeoh
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Hoongyeong Chan
NTA RM2..every year make profit.. . this type of complain always will happen when hand over keys
Lee Hao
Have to see the volume. Relatively low. And investors are stand at TROP's side, so called "maximise the shareholders' wealth. But not for stakeholder. Haha!
qw dwa
No effect at all !!!
bppoh75 poh
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nothing happen at STOCK price, haha
melvin chee kong
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Damaged been done, guess the coming up Monday share price will drop rapidly ?
Lala San
Ahh.. thanks Louis
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Louis Ong
@lala san, your welcome :)
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Teoh Jee Wing
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IDSS ... but somebody push behind.. ID player will die also
Matthew Tan
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Two million house
Galvin Kiaw
I know this company after that video. Lol
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inikalilahhhh ...IDSS ..
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