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yup right on...
12 hours · translate
If SCGB need to fully utilise their furnace, this could be a good window of opportunity
17 hours · translate
For short term maybe this news not so positive...but overall the business should be good for long term due to the diversification
1 day · translate
convert means the main share floats in the market increased so is the total investments...qtr results haven't out yet right...
4 days · translate
soon become water and the coffee is just a foreign
1 week · translate
projek ESOS...haha
1 week · translate
Yeap..the diff between long term investor and short term gambler...
1 week · translate
hahaha...adui..tak tau la nak cakap apa...ambik duit public bayar gaji bayar hutang
1 week · translate
good tht they found those wrongdoings now and address it so tht they can move forward...
1 week · translate
so what is Top Glove doing about it knowing that it's a clone .just deny it or should make report and take legal action?
1 week · translate
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