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All Comments on JADI Reload

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sufian hj abdul manap
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ini JADI bila mau jadi fly... adoi...
Lim Chun Eik
Jadi jadi selalu tipu kita mau jadi
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lee zhen
Jadi sampai tk jadi
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Allen Lee
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what happen to JADI
Liew SK Sky
look on uptrend.
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Sabtu Bujang
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ini hari, harijadi..
Joe Sabut
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Ini hari kasi jadi..
Edward See
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Wait u at 0.08
Fy Xu
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Hey everyone, we recently had a talk with Jadi Imaging's Chairman/CEO regarding how perceptions about the sunset industries such as office printing can be misleading. Stay tuned so that you can make better decisions on buying/selling :)

FB: https://bit.ly/2FUFsaY
IG: https://bit.ly/3kBkDQY
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Dilbert Smith
any chance of this stock rising ? pls enlighten
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Azlan Azali
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jadi roller coaster... kejap naik kejap turun
Azlan Azali
Oooo... elliot wave ka?
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Penjejak Awankumo
kita buat sampai jadi ya
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Devaraj The boss
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komark als alrdy go up rm1.14..when bole jadi T_T
Ho J.L.
jadi dah tak jadi, tunggu ke holland
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Miftahuddin Mohamed
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support kat 0.13. sape2 belum masuk sempat lagi
Franky Ong
I cl MUI last week
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london cokoroi
my opinion better cut lose, this counter gp downtrend now
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John John
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jadi boss no use..lucky i sell last time 0.145..no hope
Kevin Lee
no hope then dont post here la .. noob
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