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All Comments on EKOVEST Reload

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ishver sidhu
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Duke listing?
Jack Huat
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想想一下,如果你是ekovest或gadang 老板,现在政府那么不稳定,没有一个政府部门敢随意派出project。如果真的派了,你敢接吗?万一接了,你必须自己先出钱先,不是马上可以拿到钱的。万一接了,然后又和你说换政府,那如果你是老板你会怎样? 是不是大支了?建筑股个人觉得还没有那么快,必须等待政府稳定,投资的价钱和时机非常重要。短期看来政府是不可能稳定,每天你争我抢,没完没了,为什么不去投资趋势手套股先呢?
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robert WONG
now can goreng till next year ...
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Jack Huat
lion king: so you always talk useless things lo. now i think you already know what i want transfer to you when ekovest at 0.640. hope you can learn it take as experience. find out what mistake you make it, if you have brain, you will modified it and use it. but i think you..... (pig have brain?)
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Sia BangWen
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Join BM to boost order book, listing Duke to release value, what else you asking this company for you?
Only the boss don’t want the share price up.
Zro Inf
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queueing at 0.5 now..collect to pay DUKE tol fee.. cheap cheap please panic and sell more..
Zro Inf
told u all...collect more than sell
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Shin huey
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原来到最后只为了sabah 拉票,还说什么换政府哈哈哈笑死人
Troy Wong
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Lam Alez
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Danson Ang
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Jack Huat
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SPM Future Questions:
Who is the PM of Malaysia for year 2020?
A- Mathathir
B- Muhyiddin
C- Anwar
D- All of the Above
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Shin huey
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beh 6108
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balik 0.485 lo bila le
Chai Chai
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Who want PP 0.51?