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2 days · translate
Good 3rd quarter result
3 weeks · translate
Finally see something for this sleeping counter.
3 weeks · translate
small rice, so difficult meh to reach rm3?
3 weeks · translate
Ken, do not act like new bird, usually q result is compare with last year same q, not previous q. Do not make our new birds here blur
1 month · translate
Wow, first Q profit got increase 50%,not bad q result
1 month · translate
这一班, 这些, 真是糊涂虫。东西还很多咧。有本事抵制到底. 真是无能。This group, these people, are really stupid. There are stil many things. If you have the ability, you can resist to the end. It's really incompetent.
1 month · translate
1 month · translate
How to compare with KGB, not even one piece.
1 month · translate
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