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Those who missed out on grabbing warrants at cheaper price can collect them now ; )
53 minutes · translate
Let's see how the war condition goes ... if worsen, perhaps we can collect it at even cheaper price
56 minutes · translate
Totally agree with Mr. Saiful. If you do well in your investment strategy and risk management, you don't need to worry too much about the short-term price fluctuations
58 minutes · translate
Sure ada kena mengena. Geopolitical tension ...
1 hour · translate
Its doorframe supplier, Econframe will fly up too. You might try looking into that, because not only has the parent stock been showing good momentum lately, but so have its warrants
6 days · translate
FYI, the warrant expiry has more than 3 years, normally 1 year premium is 10%, and now only 7-8%. So, there are some trading opportunities
6 days · translate
Start queueing at 75 cents : )
6 days · translate
Yupe, below 80 cents is a good price to grab it
1 week · translate
HLIB has maintained its “overweight” rating on the construction sector and said first quarter of 2024 (1Q2024) domestic contract awards totalled RM6.96 billion, which is up 45% qoq. Construction theme is back
1 week · translate
Tap in its warrant as well. Low premium and its momentum is higher too
1 week · translate
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