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ACW....Good morning....dun forget ur hainan kopi & half boiled eggs with your Wildcat before terbang ooi... enjoy ur family reunion ya
11 hours · translate
look at sime... TA sudah atas atas, still can go atas atas...that is why i think it is a guideline...

ytl oso can la....go go go
Yesterday · translate
72 will be 0.40
Yesterday · translate
As long for BKT, wa sudah si beh song lor
Yesterday · translate
ACW......I am having my BKT oooiiiii....thanks to ytl baby, can eat extra 2 pcs of bak....lalalalala
Yesterday · translate
that is how we harvest for a good price ooi...lalalalalal
Yesterday · translate
i am at the stationary shop now, looking for a sharp blade to saw the pokok balak...a lot of patience required, but we don't have other option other than cut it down!!!lalalalalala
Yesterday · translate
Got it...thank you LK, cheers
Yesterday · translate
he will!!!!!
Yesterday · translate
correct LK...need more experience and knowlegde for this preparation
Yesterday · translate
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