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A lot of buying volume at 37 cents today. Another good news coming I guess
1 week · translate
What is your entry price, Ng?
1 week · translate
Chill, It's still floating at 37 cents regardless. I think you are the one who wanted to collect at 1 cent. Ha. So funny
2 weeks · translate
Ya, all tunggu for its q3 results to come out
2 weeks · translate
Will goreng kuat again when it announces QR. ha
2 weeks · translate
because they want to buy it lor
3 weeks · translate
Share price was moving up instead after the disposal. Therefore, the buyer may be institutional
3 weeks · translate
Check the disposal date, it was 3 May. Same as last announcement
3 weeks · translate
It is gonna break 0.40 sooner or later
3 weeks · translate
It is indeed moving up gradually. This adam lim is too blind to see. Ha
4 weeks · translate
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