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dont bullshit laa, sugar price is cap by government laa. subsidy is given to this company.
3 weeks · translate
that is schedule maintanance my fr. they already got suficient inventory for sell for next two month. You know the situation better than the company? nevermine laa u will see the result next two quarter. if you work in flour or sugar manufacturer before you know that is no impact for result.
4 weeks · translate
goreng wave end game, all big kaki left.
1 month · translate
sell fast. sell
1 month · translate
with fda approval on 0211 and ce 0812, Jan quarter will perform better and I was told that demand from US is strong now especially after biden ask to mask up. Just sentiment not there. Patient is the gold of investing. Dicky are you sure the result is poor?
2 months · translate
iron ore drop good fir steel, low rat mat.
3 months · translate
better prepare some money to subscribe right issue. it might be 1:2 right issue.
3 months · translate
notion like to do indian drama. to lure ppl push shareprice only, firstly mask, then glove.
after so many month and quarter mask business seem like not performing at all. glove hvt start acquire plant now tech pulak. becarefull of this coubter yaa.
3 months · translate
pp and hdpe spread higher than 2016/17. but lctitan only geberate 150mil which is abit disappointed by most of the fund.
3 months · translate
death cat bounce, before heading to south.
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