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heard another quarter boom. seng seng deng deng aa.
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wao, crazy result recent year high. slightly better than last year same qtr. last year quarter include disposal gain 1.1bil.
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interesting cashfloww.
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do more research timmy. dont talk bullshit.
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I tot uncle love msm?
2 months · translate
share price tell you good or bad.
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core biz making losses, mainly in disposal gain 1.3bil. and future earning reduce after the diaposal. in fact it should give special dividend follow the disposal.
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gg.com mmmmm
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cypark = serbadk ? same pattern?
very high likely impairment coming due to some non performing asset. hmm

asset cont increase result revenue slide way, no cash flow, b k ful yan
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dispose the most profit business of the group? ggwp, leave those blooding co in the group grow mushroo.
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