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Non-stop pumping to 0.50
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Next wave 0.25-0.30, buckle up & get ready, goreng is coming
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TECHBASE are still standing strong above 0.20, no problem for me here
2 months · translate
Big volume coming in lately, slowly moving towards to 0.30 while collect around 0.20-0.25
2 months · translate
Our stock screener noted significant price momentum for Techbase Industries for the past 5 trading days. Both MFI and Accumulation Index showed positive indication of strong influx of buyers’ interest, supported by an upward trending EMA9. Over the immediate short term, we see a potential challenge to RM0.30 as the immediate resistance, while the support level remains at RM0.24.

For arbitrage traders, the subscription into the rights issue of Techbase is encouraged as Techbase is showing an uptrend, and with a conversion price of RM0.20 (surrendering 1 ICULS + RM0.15). Should Techbase hit RM0.30 (TP), the value of ICULS would be RM0.15, rendering a potential upside of 200%.

SP: RM0.24, RM0.20

TP: RM0.30
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