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I believe one day, this company will success open hospital..
19 hours · translate
how come bad la.. some ppl lose but some make a bulk of money hahaha..
19 hours · translate
is coming..
1 day · translate
normally 1 week Lo.. u better call ur remiser..
2 days · translate
hahaha.. Im seariuosly..
3 days · translate
I choose stay here and pray it until success open hospital hahaha..
3 days · translate
actually giving 3 times style to jump ship Huhu..
3 days · translate
zip Hui, u got learn new thing from this? try calculate.. wil let u improve more..
3 days · translate
who are u, I know u? sound familiar.. haha
3 days · translate
haha.. is ok la.. no matter how, can earn then OK..
4 days · translate
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